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Baby’s first @momaps1 warm up


Thank you for helping this blog reach over 2,000 followers! We hope you continue to enjoy this blog as time goes on! To show how grateful we are, we are hosting a usnationalparks giveaway.

Here are the prizes (pictured above):
1. Grand Prize: 5 assorted National Park postcards, a collectible National Park pin, a “Keep Bears Wild” Yosemite Patch, a Zion Scorpion pin, and a Yosemite magnet
2. Runner Up Prize 1: a Joshua Tree National Park postcard, pin, and patch
3. Runner Up Prize 2: 3 assorted National Park postcards

How to enter:

Winners will be chosen completely randomly.

You can enter up to three times in total:
1. By liking this post
2. By reblogging this post (multiple reblogs are appreciated but will not count for more than one entry)
3. By messaging usnationalparks with a reason why you enjoy our blog (Answers will not increase/decrease your chances of winning one of the prizes, nor will they count for more than one entry :) )

You must also be following usnationalparks (: ~Winners will be announced July 25th

Thanks for supporting our blog and Good luck to all!


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